Tandem Base Goes Worldwide for the world’s first Tandem Building Jump

On Saturday Sept 21st, in Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia, Tandem Base Master Sean Chuma took passenger Rudy Anoi, Sibu Executive of the Sarawak Tourism Board, on the World’s first Tandem Base Jump off of a building.  The two leaped off of the Sanyan Building above Sibu’s town square.  The building stands almost 400 ft tall.  Instructor Sean Chuma reports that the building was challenging due to the inability to achieve a good amount of separation from the building.  Chuma has done over 240 Tandem Base jumps and basically wrote the book on the activity.  Most Tandem base jumps have been off of bridges.  It is far safer to perform the Tandems off of a bridge that will allow room in case the parachute happens to open facing the wrong way.  If the parachute were to open 180 degrees toward the building, Chuma would have to turn the canopy away very quickly to avoid striking the object.  He intends to keep the activity safe so the non base jumping world can have a peek into the world of BASE Jumping.

The City of Sibu is very proud to be the home of this historical jump.  This is also a historical event for the sport of Base jumping, and Chuma is proud to be able to share this unique and amazing sport with the World.

Pre-jump interviews.

Pre-jump interviews.

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