World’s First Tandem BASE numbers issued

Congrats Brian Crail for being the second person in the world to get a Tandem BASE number.

We have just returned from a beautiful trip to Acapulco, Mexico. Our friend Avery Badenhop organized a building event from La Palapa, which helped three people finish all four objects and become the first ones to complete B.A.S.E.. This means that they have jumped all four objects in the word BASE. BASE is an acronym that stands for Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth. In normal BASE jumping it is a true honor to get your BASE number. There are over 2000 people that have completed BASE. There is an association where you can apply for a BASE number by giving them a bit of information about your four qualifying objects. While there are over 2,000 people that have a personal BASE number, there are only 3 people at this time that have their Tandem BASE number. Each of these people have been part of history in BASE. They have each done Tandem BASE jumps from each of the four objects. This is a very exciting time and something that I have been excited for since I started doing Tandem BASE in 2009. I always wondered who it would be. Would it be a super rich dude? I figured it would because of the insane expenses that come along with doing exotic jumps in different locations. Tandem BASE #1 is Alexandra Badenhop along with her boyfriend Brian Crail #2.

Brenton Black completes her BASE number with Tandem BASE master Sean Chuma

Tandem BASE #3 is my girlfriend Brenton Black from Twin falls, ID. As the original Tandem BASE master I have decided that I will be the one keeping a database for all of the future issuing of Tandem BASE numbers. I will keep it similar to the traditional BASE number system in honor of our sports history. I am very excited to offer these special world adventures to those who want to mark their place in history and jump all four objects in the word BASE.

A very special congratulations to Alex Badenhop for achieving Tandem BASE #1

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Want to jump on Bridge Day? Sign up TODAY for a chance to win a tandem BASE jump! Click the link in our bio for more information. #bridgeday #westvirginia #basejump #basejumps #skydive

Want to jump on Bridge Day? Sign up TODAY for a chance to win a tandem BASE jump! Click the link in our bio for more information. #bridgeday #westvirginia #basejump #basejumps #skydive

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The post Want to jump on Bridge Day? Sign up TODAY for a chance to win a tandem BASE jump! Click the link in our bio for more information. #bridgeday #westvirginia #basejump #basejumps #skydive appeared first on Bridge Day.

Ready to fly? Try your luck when you enter to win our tandem BASE raffle!

If a tandem BASE jump at Bridge Day is on your bucket list (why wouldn’t it be?!), now is your chance to fly! We’re raffling off one tandem BASE jump at this year’s Bridge Day, and tickets are now on sale. If you’re chosen, you can jump off the New River Gorge bridge with the other BASE jumpers at America’s biggest BASE jumping festival!

There’s a few rules you’ll need to consider before purchasing a ticket:

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must weigh less than 180 lbs.
  • You must be in good health.

That’s it! Tickets are $25 each. Now all you need is a little cash and some luck.

What is tandem BASE jumping?
If you’ve been to Bridge Day before, you know that hundreds of folks fly and rappel off the New River Gorge Bridge. Both are done solo by experienced adventurers.

But did you know that it’s also possible to go BASE jumping with a professional jumper? It’s a great way to fly for the first time. You gear up with a pro, walk onto the ledge of the 876-foot-tall New River Gorge Bridge and leap into the gorge.

Spots for this exciting experience sell out quickly. In fact, only a few are left for this year’s Bridge Day.

But if you’d rather save some money and are feeling lucky, get a raffle ticket instead. Who knows, maybe you’ll be in line at Bridge Day with the other BASE jumpers.

Important dates
Raffle tickets are on sale until October 1, 2018 at 5 p.m. That’s not much time – what are you waiting for? Good luck! And don’t forget, this year’s Bridge Day will be held October 20, 2018.

Win that tandem BASE ticket!

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Registration is open for Bridge Day 5k

There’s no other race like it. Dramatic and unusual, Bridge Day 5k begins on America’s third highest span. Want a piece of the action?

On your marks, get set, register! 
Every October, Bridge Day attracts hundreds of BASE jumpers, hundreds of rappellers, and thousands of onlookers. It’s the world’s most extreme sports event. Since 2016, Bridge Day 5k has launched the festival at sunrise.

This year’s race (and Bridge Day, of course) are on Oct. 20, 2018. It may seem far away, but Bridge Day 5k registration is officially open. Spaces go quickly, too. After all, this is the only chance you get to jog on the 876-foot-high New River Gorge Bridge!

Active Southern West Virginia, the race organizer, has just 400 slots available. Entry fees are $50 per person from now until August 31. After that, the price raises by increments, so it’s worth registering soon. What’s more, you’ll receive a commemorative shirt and participatory medal. Those perks are no longer guaranteed after Oct. 10.

The course
Now for the fun part: the New River Gorge Bridge. At 876 feet high and 3,030 feet long, it’s quite a monument. The views are stunning, too. Deep canyon ridges spread in either direction. So does the mighty New River. Brilliant autumn forests, gauzy fog, and pink early light make the event even better.

Against this backdrop, racers start from the north end of the bridge and jog towards Fayetteville. Much of the course is on open roads through the historic district. At other times, you’ll go through the town park—a picturesque setting with fields and woods. The race eventually finishes by the Fayette County Courthouse.

As if scenery and venue aren’t enough, Bridge Day 5k has some nifty benefits. For one thing, it’s a real race. Runners get official chip timing, race photos, and snacks at the finish line.

For another, Bridge Day 5k has multiple categories based on age. The top finishers from these divisions receive special medals. If you’re a competitive runner, now’s the time to start training.

Bridge Day 5k also benefits local kids’ running clubs. When you register, you’re helping the community.

See you at the finish line!

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Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet – A Door in the Sky

Two wingsuit flyers just BASE jumped into a plane in mid-air


French wingsuit flyers recently completed an unbelievable stunt following a B.A.S.E. jump from the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland. Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet, known as the Soul Flyers, caught up with and flew into a plane in mid-air.

As part of their project A Door in the Sky, which they had spent several months training for by completing more than 100 test flights in Empuriabrava in Spain, the duo B.A.S.E jumped from the top of the Jungfrau, one of Europe’s highest mountains, and flew into a Pilatus Porter light aircraft in mid-air. Now that’s a different way to catch a flight.

How did this project come about?

They wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Patrick de Gayardon’s achievement in 1997, when he jumped from an aircraft with a wingsuit and then flew back into the plane. He was a pioneer in our scene and we wanted to reproduce his stunt. At the beginning of the year, Vince woke up one day and said to Fred, “We have to do it but with a BASE jump from a cliff!”

How different was the training for this stunt?

“When we started to train, we thought it would be easier to be honest. Then we realised that it was quite a technical and mental challenge. We had to be focused. During the first training session in Spain, Fred managed to fly into the plane, but I failed and hurt my ribs. One month later, we came back for another session. We felt better and it worked out. We managed to make it five times.”

How does it feel to enter into a plane at high speed?

“It’s cool but also quite weird! We’re used to jumping from the plane, but here you have to enter into it. You’re falling down and all of a sudden there’s no air anymore. The feeling is quite strange. When you’re in the plane and you see your friend flying closer and closer, it’s incredible. It was very emotional for us because we worked hard to make it happen.”